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You will find good friends, you will learn beautiful songs, and you will meet an amazing God! Every Sunday we meet at 9:55 AM(9:55) and 6:55 PM(18:55). (Usually the first and third Sunday night is a prayer meeting.) (Changes to the church schedule can be found on the church calendar.)

Can’t make it?
We also broadcast our Sunday AM service live on the Internet?(Click here!)

About Us

What’s HSK?

HSK is a non-denominational protestant Christian church. Our source of truth is the Bible. Our experiences with God are by faith. And our fellowship comes from love within. We believe that worship should first please the Lord. We pray that His presence will fill our homes, our schools, and where we work.

How do we worship the Lord?

Worship, we believe, is primarily the expression of honor, respect, and thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ through singing with musical instruments. Most of the songs we sing are choruses and songs which are in sung in both English and Japanese. Musicians include Christians from Japan, Philippines, America, and Scotland.

How do we fellowship?

Fellowship includes caring conversations mixed with large amounts of joy around coffee and soft drinks. The largest amount of time for fellowship usually follows every meeting at HSK. No one is required to stay for the fellowship event but usually very few people miss it. Once a month, lunch is served to everyone. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Who comes to HSK?

Perhaps 50% of the congregation are Japanese and the rest are Brazilians, Filipinos, Americans, and several from other Asian and European nations. All Sunday morning messages are in Japanese, English, and Portuguese. All Sunday evening messages are in Japanese and English.

What do we Believe?

Please click this link to find out about what we believe. After you read everything, you are very welcome to write us for more information or explanations. Our church motto is: ‘Serving God, Sharing Love, and Spreading Joy!’

Any questions?

Feel free to email us with any questions you might have regarding our church community.