News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Yes, you are getting this little note from us a few days early because….we will soon leave for Kobe and be with our daughter and son-in-law when their twins are dedicated to the Lord in Osaka on Sunday. Then Sunday night we fly to Honolulu to visit a few more kids and kiddies. A sweet Brazilian brother will lead the church for the next few days. He is so passionate about seeing Japanese come to the Lord. He gets Japanese citizenship this month I think. He’s here to stay and see God do great things. Ruth celebrates her ‘less than 70th birthday’ tomorrow but ladies celebrated with her last Saturday so here are those pics. Each birthday reminds us of some of you who sent us out more than 40 years ago. Wow! And you still stick with us! You still give….you still pray…you still hope for great things to happen here. It’s about all our God, isn’t it. And may He bless you more as spring arrives. We love you….