News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Well, we have entered April and March ended so well for us. We had 7 people to attend the church for the first time this past Sunday. I sense a greater need for God’s help to lead these people….my weaknesses are so great BUT….our God loves me and wants to be glorified in my weakness. Hallelujah! Thank you so much for praying for us. Ruth returns from Honolulu this Thursday and I will be glad to have her back. She is the ‘mother’ to so many ladies in our church. Cherry trees are not blooming yet but maybe this month. Again, you all are so special to us. Last month, at a conference I attended via the Internet, a Canadian minister spoke again about what he believes the Lord will do this year in Japan. It will be great. And you all have given so much so we expect to share the joy with you! May He bless you more and more this month! Love to all….