News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is a beautiful Tuesday but they say we are entering the rainy season so I guess it will rain one day this week. Anyhow, the good news is so good. I have written about about a Brazilian couple(including pics), the wife has been a Christian for about 3 years. Their story is a great mixture of good and sad news. Anyhow, he has struggled to believe(wrote about that 2 weeks ago I think). So while we were singing the last song, he came up behind me and said something like, ‘I need to know God now!’. Tears flowing down his face, in less than a minute he confessed his faith in God Almighty! Several others noticed this happening and began clapping and shouting! We ended the song with great praise to the Lord, big hugs, more tears. It was great. His wife was a backup singer and saw it all and burst into tears before the song was ended. Hallelujah! Thank you so much for praying for us! 3 came for the time which included a 20 year old Filipino mother who just a few weeks ago left her 10 month old baby and husband to come to Japan to work in a bar. So sad…she was crying….so lonely. Another Brazilian Christian lady has a young son in jail. ‘God Almighty!’ Yesterday, June 10th, Ruth and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary. It was raining but we enjoyed a quiet lunch at a nice restaurant located in the middle of rice fields! Attached are a few pics of us. Can you guess which one was taken yesterday? Dear family and fiends, each one of you are special to us….some younger than us and some older but all special. ‘Thank you, Jesus!’ Much love to all.