News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is a beautiful Tuesday afternoon but yours truly has had a serious right eye infection since Sunday morning. You would not recognize me today but…I shall recover. I have had a bad cold for more than three weeks and it finally went into my eye….well….enough of that report. Anyhow, Sunday was a great day with a young lady attending church for the first time. She found us on the Internet. Prayed for several others who have family problems. I returned to speak about Daniel…last week was about his 3 friends…and what it means to ‘serve the Lord’. The king knew Daniel was serving the Lord because of Daniel’s daily devotions. The Brazilian man who become a Christian two weeks is still going on with God….so attentive to every message. Wow! thank you again for praying for us. I must slow down a little this week so I can see out of my right eye… will happen soon. You are all special to us. Oh, 2 songs by a Nigerian singer has been such a blessing to the church. One we have in Japanese and Portuguese. See attached links. Love you….