News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Oh what a Sunday we had….yesterday. So hot but following the morning meeting, 2 were water baptized in the bright sunlight. The tallest, a new Brazilian Christian, and the shortest, a Japanese elementary student. For the first time in my life I read the baptismal announcement in Portuguese which was taught to me by a Brazilian pastor(great friend) and others in the church. …”Eu te batizo….” I asked the Brazilian members of the church not to laugh at my pronunciation but they all had big smiles when I finished….not sure if they were pleased that I did it or thought my words were strange! Ha! Anyhow…I had a blast and this coming Sunday I will baptize a Brazilian father who will become a member of the church on September 1….so I will speak again in Portuguese! Tried to make a video of the baptism but my camera failed so I just have pics from a friend. Thank you again for praying and giving and caring. God is good to us. Much love to you all….let’s go on with God!