News from Japan

Dear Family and Friends around the world

You are getting this info a little early because this Sunday afternoon(tomorrow) we head for the islands of Hawaii…after a deacons’ meeting! Then from there on to GA and ALA and not sure where else. We need to see some of you! Yea! So no report of what will happen this Sunday. But..last Sunday was a great time of eating together….you got a report of that day. And what’s new? We leave the church in the hands of 3 Brazilian brothers who I respect very much. Two of them will speak in our absence. Upon our return, it seems some of them (6 or more!) want to study English so that weekly or bi-weekly event will have to be planned. Today(Saturday)was a children’s event…Joy Club. Rather than Ruth and I doing most of the activities, 4 mothers participated in leading prayer, telling the Bible story, teaching a memory verse, and crafts. Ruth taught a song and I played a game with the children. Seeing these mothers get involved has made us so thankful for what the Lord has been doing. The attached video is obout last Sunday’s lunch. They prepared it all! Still packing….will catch you later at some place. God bless you more….Thank you for caring and sharing…..