Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

Yes, you thought I was still in Honolulu, Right? Got back last Friday. It was a short trip but good to be with my kids and grandkids. And…Elisabeth is expecting her 6th child in October!!!!! No, she is not bouncing off the walls with joy because….she feels really sick all day! Ruth is staying with her for another week to cook and take care of her 4 kids! So, going to be a grandfather again this year! At the church, (no birthday party) it was another great time of worship and fellowship. Spring has almost arrived! Thank you for praying for us. We need to touch more who are sick. We need to comfort more who are hurting. We need to say words which open eyes to see the light. ‘Light arises in the darkness for the upright.’ God bless you all today. Love from both us…

Ben&Ruth (A short video will be attached next week! We eat together!)