Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It has been a perfect weekend with good weather. Of course thousands and thousands celebrated in Hamamatsu with lots of noise, drinking, etc. And we prayed and can only trust in God’s work in people who need Him so much but do not think so! Anyhow, we had a small celebration on Saturday(see part 1 of 2 part video) and it was so good with new friends from 5 nations! Wow! One of the new friends came to the church on Sunday for the first time AND…a young single man returned for the second time traveling more than 2 hours one way to get here. Maybe the Lord is doing something good in his heart too. Prayer is so important for experiences we need from heaven. Thank you for praying. Otherwise, Sunday was good with a Brazilian brother sharing with passion. Another Brazilian will share later this month. Hey, you all are special to us. And yes we are praying for leaders of several nations. God bless you more!