Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon but…the weatherman says we should expect rain for the next 2 days….hard to believe with beautiful blue skies and mild weather. Anyhow, the Lord did several things at the church today. A lady named Rose came for the first time. When I asked anyone who wanted prayer, she immediately came forward with her Brazilian friend. Her request: a daughter had tried to commit suicide and was in the hospital with some kind of wounds. We prayed…with passion. Another Brazilian later told me it was the Lord that spoke to that lady today. Another husband wanted God to bring his father out of deep depression. I like the smiles on everyone’s face but we must get serious with God about having His help with problems at home. One verse of my message came from the words of Jesus in Mark 9…’If You can?’ What we don’t believe God can do?!?! It’s amazing. Lord, help us! You are special friends. Thank you for praying and giving. We are blessed. May He bless you more! PS…Mother’s Day video is attached today.