Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is a beautiful Tuesday morning here and we expect sunny skies almost all week. It was raining this past Sunday but very dry inside the church…air conditioned! Yea! One Japanese lady came for the first time…an 80 year old mother. I was told she has been the member of a Buddhist sect for more than 50 years. But it seems her Christian daughter has led her to faith in God! Hallelujah! Concerning the video attached, Ruth and I recently visited a city not far from the birthplace of one of Japan’s historical citizens. We recently learned there is only one Japanese who has received one of the highest honors given by the government of Israel: Righteous Among the Nations. Mr. Chiune Sugihara, born in the center of Japan, Gifu Prefecture, was a vice consul for the Japanese government in Lithuania during the Second World War. Disregarding strict orders from Tokyo to grant no visas to Jews, Mr. Sugihara wrote more than 6,000 transit visas to Jews trying to escape from German and Soviet-occupied Poland. It is estimated that now more than 40,000 Jews are descendants of those that Mr. Sugihara helped to escape gas chambers. His rescue of thousands of Jews seems to have been unrecognized by Japan until after his death in 1986. To us, it was amazing what one Japanese man did for so many people he really didn’t know. http://www.sugihara-museum.jp/about/index_en.html God bless you this week.