Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It has been a beautiful Tuesday. And we are still rejoicing at what the Lord did this past Sunday. A young couple from Brazil came for the first time and another single mom has requested church membership. Plus, we had a Filipino Birthday Party. Yes, delicious Filipino food and of course a big Costco Cake…see attached video. It looks like we are going to set another record for birthday parties this year. Well, a Japanese husband who has been coming to the church and the parties give me the biggest handshake on Sunday. He is not a Christian yet but I think he is going to be another one soon. I think I preached the greatest fear filled sermon this past Sunday….Three Hebrew men in the burning furnace. (Daniel 3) The main point; “Why can’t we stop bowing down and start standing up? The Lord of the fire is waiting to walk with us in it!” Hope all the members return next Sunday! Ha! Again, thank you for caring and sharing! You are all special to us!