Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It has not been quite as cold this week but…still winter here. Are you warm where you live? This past Sunday we had 2 for the first time, our grandchildren from Kobe. Kate & Oak. Yes, Joanna and her husband brought them to the church for the first time. Everyone had been praying for a safe delivery last October and wanted to see the ‘results!’ Ha! Many of the Filipino sisters have children in the Philippines and cannot get them to Japan. They clung to the children this past Sunday. Wow! Many things to continue to pray about. Again, thank you for caring and sharing. I am trying an idea to make a job for some Brazilians who will be unemployed next month. Can it work? I’m still dreaming at 70! Who says I have to stop at 70? You all are so special to us. Love you. God bless you more….


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