Weekly HSK News

Dear Family and Friends around the world

It is a beautiful Monday afternoon but we are a little busy because we will go to Kobe later this week and then on Honolulu to see some of the our kids and the kiddies. However, thank you for praying for us!!! Yesterday one lady from the Philippines came for the first time and….one Filipina became a member of the church. We were so excited for this mother who has two teenage sons and no husband….he passed away several years ago. As I and the church overseer prayed for her, another lady saw a black thing pass in front of her and out of the room. She really felt something had left the new member. Well, islands like Japan have plenty of those things. Wow! Please ask the Lord to bless the church in Japan. Spring does not always bring fresh hope but sometimes more disappointments. My theme for yesterday’s message was, ‘fight the good fight of faith’. Yes, we will. Hallelujah! Expecting more to believe in the risen Savior! Love to all…