Mini Video Clips

HSK Fall BBQ 2020.10.25
One Sunday, Two Parties! So good! 2020.11.8
Birthday Party for Pastor @HSK 2020.11.15
Another Sunday with Two Birthdays! Nov 29, 2020
Sunday Fellowship, Dec. 13th…Christmas is coming!
Christmas 2020(Dec 27th)
Chili Hot Dog Party 21-1-31. So good!
Sunday Fellowship! 21.2.14
Sunday Fellowship ’21-2-21
February Chili Hot Dog Party(’21-2-28)
A Birthday Party for Ruth with HSK Family. So good!
April 4, 2021 Resurrection Sunday at HSK, Japan!
May 16, 2021…good fellowship again!
HSK Fellowship….May 23, 2021….Meet some members and friends of HSK
First HSK BBQ for 2021, June 30! So Good!
More Pics of May 30th BBQ. So much fun!
Father’s Day at HSK. What a wonderful time with fathers and grandfathers!
Birthday Party on Father’s Day! June 20, 2021. So good!
Sunday; August 29th and September 5th
Sunday 9.19.21 Sunday Lunch with Indian Food! So good!
Another great time of fellowship with chili hot dogs! So good!!!
What a wonderful Wedding!
A great Sunday fellowship time and Brazilian Birthday Party! Wow!
Nov ’21 Brazilian BBQ and Pastor’s Birthday Party!
2021 Dec Christmas Decorsations @ HSK
January 9th….More celebrations! Hope this doesn’t stop! 2022