Who are we?

Is HSK a member of some church group?

The answer to that question is Yes & No!  This church is a non-denominational church.  However we are called Pentecostals because of what we believe the Bible teaches us about the work of the Holy Spirit since the day of Pentecost.

Is the Bible the sole source of truth for a Christian’s behavior?

Yes!  Books in the church library are intended to inspire each church member to know God more but the Bible will always be the source of truth.

What kind of songs are sung at HSK?

The majority of songs are those which express admiration for the many deeds of God.  A few hymns are part of the worship repertoire.  About 99% of the songs are sung in three languages.

What could be called ‘unique’ about the worship part of each meeting?

Currently, there is no worship band.  All music is a recording of musicians from other countries.  The arrangement of each song is made by the HSK worship leader.

Are the activities for children and youth?

Sunday school is available for children between the ages of 5 and 8.  Monthly events for youth are held at another church.

How is the pastor and his family supported?

The pastor and his family receive a monthly salary from the church and financial gifts from supporters in other countries.  Ruth receives a small salary from employ-ment as an English teacher at a kindergarten and elementary school.

Is there a dress code for church members and visitors?

No!  However, church leaders and members of the worship team have clothing guidelines so that no one is distracted during the worship portions of each service.  We teach that a genuine desire to please the Lord will result in necessary changes so that the appearance of Christ is seen in each Christian!

Is giving money to HSK ‘required’?

No!  At almost every meeting the pastor will ask for visitors to simply watch the giving experience.  Everyone who does give any amount of money to the church is asked to do that with joy.  There must be no compulsion.  God loves a cheerful giver!